Elemental Supply Co.

Elemental Supply Co. is a series of collaborative collections inspired by the Periodic Table of the Elements. I started this passion project to create more opportunities to work with other artists that I admire. Elemental calls upon artists from diverse disciplines to create projects inspired by an atomic element of their choosing. The connections can be literal, visual, or symbolic. There are no constraints or rules. Some artists choose to stay within their realm of expertise while others may choose to explore entirely new mediums. Learn more at elementalsupply.com.

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the copper collection

Collaborator: Ali Makes Things

The Copper Collection embodies quiet courage in the face of adversity and change. The color palette was inspired by the natural rosy hues of polished copper and dreamy turquoise and viridian hues that appear after oxidation.


the helium collection

Collaborator: Jennifer Elam

This collection was born from the idea of hope. Like Helium, hope is lighter than air: It lifts us up when we’re sinking, buoys us when we can’t tread water alone. It represents optimism, renewal, a second chance.


The Cobalt collection

Collaborator: Mihee Kim

The name Cobalt comes from the German kobold, meaning goblin. It was so named by medieval miners for the highly toxic arsenic in its core. However, Cobalt’s deep and attractive blue hue has also graced artwork for ages. The Cobalt Collection lends itself to the duality of the human experience: the potential to transform pain into healing, past into present, darkness into beauty.


the sodium collection

Collaborator: Hell of a Note

The Sodium Collection celebrates the salty, crusty, and highly reactive. Those who are passionate about their purpose, and aren’t afraid to show it.