Blurb: Print

Since Blurb is a book-making company, every print project is a crucial opportunity to show off the best the brand has to offer. Whether it’s designing a show-stopping editorial book that highlights the brand’s mission and expansive print capabilities, or designing an eye-catching direct mail piece, no print project is taken for granted.


Put It In Print: Ideas & Inspiration from Blurb

A sample book created for Blurb’s Large Order Specialist team, created to exhibit all the unique printing capabilities that Blurb has to offer.

BlurbLookbook copy.jpg

Occasions to Gather

Recipe book created by Sunset Magazine and Blurb with proceeds donated to Feeding America. Available for purchase on the Blurb Bookstore.


six-panel Direct Mailer, 2018

This direct mail piece went to Blurb customers who are not registered on Blurb’s Promotional email list. The main objective was to share a promotional offer with them, and the secondary was to encourage them to register for email promotions.